We stand for
Quality Price Consistency

SasTaaza stands for its freshness and value. Our aim is to provide the Kirana Stores of India great products to sell.
We are a brand that stands for reliability and consistency of its quality, freshness, and nutrition making it available at the right price.

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Founded in 2017, SasTaaza is an Indian brand of FMCG commodities, offering a range of high quality products like sugar, rice, pulses, wheat floor and more. We are a bridge between the farmers and the kirana stores of India. For decades offline markets - the “kirana mandis” of India - have performed this onerous task. However it has always been tough to find consistency. Our technology based approach brings this very important aspect of our markets to the new age.

Currently available in New Delhi we are supplying our products to 4000 stores daily.

Why SasTaaza?

If you want a good product to sell in your store and you want consistency of quality and service, SasTaaza is the brand for you.
If you want peace of mind that the price you are sourcing at is right, SasTaaza is the brand for you.


We deliver the best quality of sugar, rice, pulses and wheat floor to your store.


Our products are curated while keeping the masses in mind. Our customer is the common man and our focus is repeat business with you.


We believe quality of service is just as important as the quality of a product. We focus on delivering peace of mind by maintaining consistency.